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The Cargobox is a patented innovative conveyance system for controlled and secured end-to-end packaging, forwarding and distribution of valuable goods along today’s global supply chains. It consists of three interconnected major components:
1. A sturdy, collapsible and durable but lightweight container;
2. A closing and locking system with PIN-code enabled unlocking mechanism;
3. A Data Exchange Platform for continuous real-time Visibility during the entire journey.

Together these three major elements build a dedicated air cargo container system, that overall, provides cost savings, efficiency improvements, enhanced safety and security in concert with an attractive “green” carbon footprint. Cost savings are estimated, depending on transport lane and nature of the goods, between 5 and 25%.

Air Cargo Handling is on its way to change with the introduction of the Cargobox, scheduled for Quarter III of 2016. Cargobox is based on the cradle-to-grave philosophy, including real-time Visibility, E-docs instead of paperwork, Temperature and Humidity control, Alert- and Alarm Messages when needed, and more. Cargoboxes will be available for lease or buy at dispatch and recovery stations at various airports in the world. Shippers can make reservations and receive Cargoboxes through their own existing Logistics Services Provider or by contacting us, using the Cargosyst entrance form.

Opposite to the world of ocean forwarding, where the ISO container introduction has caused a tremendous turn in freight handling, the air cargo industry is still based on the airport-2-airport principle instead of door-2-door way of thinking. To proof the advantages, a large scale trial funded by a Grant of the EU under the SME Horizon 2020 Program is under preparation and will be executed under stringent control and automated collection of all relevant data. The results, including recommendations, will be officially published and disseminated amongst relevant parties. It is anticipated that using the Cargobox, will contribute to substantial improvements of Security and Safety in the global Aviation Industry.

Indeed: Cargobox, Efficient and Safe!


Cargobox Dimensions

Six Cargobox Type RS-01 Standard units precisely fit to the PMC 125 x 96 inches standard air cargo pallet.


Fully expanded:

Outer dimensions: (l x w x h) 122 x 104 x 160 cm (48” x 41” x 63”)
Outer volume: 2,03 m3 (72 cu. ft.)
Internal dimensions: 12 x 102 x 148 cm (47” x 40” x 58”)
Internal volume: 1,81 m3 (64 cu. ft.)
Weight: 38.5 kg (85 lbs.)
Load capacity: 750 kg (1.650 lbs.)
Maximum total weight: 788 kg (1.733 lbs.)
Minimum chargeable weight: 325 kg (715 lbs.)*


Half expanded:

Outer dimensions: (l x w x h) 122 x 104 x 80 cm (48” x 41” x 31”)
Outer volume:  1,02 m3  (36cu.ft)
Internal dimensions:  120 x 102 x 68 cm  (47” x 40” x 27”)
Internal volume:  0,83 m3  (29cu.ft)
Weight:  28.5 kg  (63 lbs.)
Load capacity:  750 kg  (1.650 lbs.)
Maximum total weight:  778 kg  (1.711 lbs.)
Minimum chargeable weight:  165 kg  (364 lbs.)



Outer dimensions: 122 x 104 x 23 cm (48” x 41” x 9”)
Outer volume: 0,27 m3 (6.6 cu. ft.)
Weight: 38.5kg (85 lbs)
Stacking factor: 7  


* Based on the 1:6 formula: 1 cubic meter counts for 165 kg (1,000/6).



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