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The aim of innovation is to optimize the logistic process in such a way that the forwarding industry can offer their clients the combination of the best service with an affordable/attractive price. This encompasses the entire process of packing, wheeled transport, flight and subsequent delivery to the consignee. When one realizes that a regular Door-2-Door transport takes some 4 or 5 days, but the actual flight may be only some 12 – 14 hours, it means that shipments are often sitting idle somewhere, waiting for the next step in the handling process. This „down time“ usually accounts for about 75% of the total transport time.
Efficiency coupled with flexibility are key elements to improve customer’s need for tailor-made solutions, which in term leads to a number of advantages, such as adaptation to market demands, quick response to holiday or seasonal variations and shorter lead times for inventory replenishment.
The selection of a Logistic Services Provider (LSP) is also an important factor to achieve seamless Door-2-Door service. The LSP must be able to supply real-time visibility, using a reliable and secured IT Platform. The principle of a “one-stop-shop“ is an important distinguishing discriminatory factor of a successful logistics company. For time and temperature sensitive products, an integrated supply chain provides a perfect way to extend shelf life and decrease potential losses. Quick response times to unforeseen events can create an opportunity to position an LSP as the problem solver instead of being the problem source.
Another important component of innovative solutions is the incorporation/application of electronic documents (E-Docs) instead of the slower method of actual paper. To run efficiently, it requires that all parties of the supply chain “system” have accessibility to “In the Cloud” functionality, based on secured data transmission along a redundant 24/7 Network. The deployment of such an IT Communication System will substantially contribute to the streamlining of the air cargo handling process, resulting in accelerated delivery of goods.
Using the latest developments in communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Near Field Communication, in concert with a Secured Platform, these building blocks will create what could be called: “New Age Logistics”. Interbox has assembled these elements to build its Cargobox conveyance unit employing its Cargosyst visibility software.

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